“60 Minutes Presents: Animal Magnetism” Airs December 24 2023

60 Minutes Presents: Animal Magnetism” airs on December 24, 2023 airs 7:00-8:00 PM, ET/ PT on the CBS Television Network, promising to engage, enlighten, and inspire viewers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the remarkable creatures that share our world. Each story, from the depths of Dominica’s waters to the remote corners of Monkey Island and the lush forests of Costa Rica, underscores the urgency of preserving our planet’s diverse wildlife.

The Sperm Whales of Dominica

The sperm whale, an oceanic giant, faces mounting challenges in the contemporary marine environment. The seas, once a haven for these majestic creatures, now pose grave dangers in the form of noise pollution, ship strikes, and the ever-growing menace of plastic waste. This segment, helmed by Cecilia Vega, takes viewers on a journey to Dominica, a critical habitat where hundreds of sperm whales reside throughout the year. Vega’s underwater expedition offers a rare glimpse into the lives of these enigmatic mammals, shedding light on the pressing need to safeguard this vulnerable species. Behind the scenes, Michael Rey’s production expertise brings this poignant story to life.

Monkey Island

Cayo Santiago, colloquially known as Monkey Island, emerges as a focal point in the study of environmental impact on wildlife. Situated off the coast of Puerto Rico, this island is home to approximately 1,800 rhesus macaque monkeys, whose genetic makeup astonishingly mirrors 94% of human DNA. Lesley Stahl, in her report from Monkey Island, delves into a groundbreaking study. This research aims to unravel the effects of environmental crises on the longevity and overall health of these macaques. The findings promise to offer valuable insights into climate-related trauma and survival strategies. Ayesha Siddiqi’s production role is instrumental in weaving this intriguing narrative.


Hanging On

In Costa Rica, a different kind of survival story unfolds, one that highlights the unique adaptation of sloths. These creatures, known for their incredibly slow pace, have thrived for over 60 million years. Sharyn Alfonsi’s report from “60 Minutes” focuses on the extraordinary survival tactics of these mammals. She investigates how their unique lifestyle, once an evolutionary advantage, now faces new challenges in the face of climate change. Guy Campanile’s role as the producer adds depth to this segment, emphasizing the critical need for conservation efforts to protect these distinctive animals.

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