60 Minutes Reports on “Agency in Crisis”, “The Godfather of AI” & “The Underboss” on June 16 2024

This Sunday June 16 2024, tune into CBS for a compelling post-season edition of “60 Minutes,” featuring updated versions of previously broadcast segments. From a deep dive into the federal prison system to intimate conversations with the pioneers and stalwarts of music and technology, this episode promises insightful narratives and thought-provoking revelations.

Agency in Crisis

The nation’s federal prison system has long been a subject of controversy, known for its opaque operations and crumbling infrastructure. Correspondent Cecilia Vega takes viewers inside a women’s prison in Aliceville, Alabama. In this segment, viewers will hear directly from the inmates, providing a rare, unfiltered look at the lives affected by the system’s failings. Vega also sits down with Colette S. Peters, the director charged with spearheading reforms in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, amidst challenges like severe staffing shortages, aging facilities, and disturbing patterns of abuse. This segment is produced by Natalie Jimenez Peel.


The Godfather of AI

Scott Pelley interviews Geoffrey Hinton, dubbed the “Godfather of AI.” Hinton’s pioneering research has significantly shaped the current landscape of artificial intelligence. Now, he voices his thoughts on the potential and dangers of AI technology that his work has enabled. This segment promises to be a must-watch for anyone interested in the ethical implications and future impact of AI on society. Aaron Weisz is the producer of this insightful piece.


The Underboss

Jon Wertheim takes viewers backstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome, offering an exclusive glimpse into the life of Steven Van Zandt – the legendary guitarist and musical director for Springsteen and the E Street Band. At 73, Van Zandt shares tales of his New Jersey roots, his musical triumphs, and his political activism efforts. This profile not only celebrates Van Zandt’s storied career but also delves into what has cemented him as an American original in the shifting landscape of music. This segment is brought to life by producer Michael Karzis.


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