60 Minutes Reports on “Children of War”, “Interpol”, “Tasmanian Tiger”, “The Heritage War”, “The Air We Breathe” & “The Mismatch” on June 30 2024

This Sunday, June 30, 2024, “60 Minutes” offers viewers a powerful lineup of stories from around the world. The CBS Television Network will broadcast two hours of meticulously updated segments from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET/PT. Here’s a glimpse at the compelling reports scheduled:

Children of War

Scott Pelley sheds light on a poignant aspect of American military life—the children living with disabled veterans. Featuring conversations with families burdened by the scars of America’s post-9/11 conflicts and insights from Senator Elizabeth Dole, this segment explores the resilience and challenges of these young individuals. Producers Aaron Weisz and Ian Flickinger bring this unseen struggle into the spotlight.



Bill Whitaker takes viewers inside the world of Interpol from its headquarters in Lyon, France. The segment highlights the agency’s dual narrative of significant achievements in global crime-fighting and criticisms over its exploitation by authoritarian states like Russia, China, and Turkey. Produced by Graham Messick and Jack Weingart, this report delves into the complexities of international law enforcement.


Tasmanian Tiger

Jon Wertheim travels to Tasmania to investigate the mysterious thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, declared extinct decades ago yet still alive in local lore. This adventure into the wilderness and scientific labs, produced by Jacqueline Williams, captures the fascination and hope surrounding the possible survival of this elusive predator.


The Heritage War

Amidst the backdrop of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Bill Whitaker reports on what could be a war crime—the targeted destruction of Ukraine’s cultural heritage. This segment, produced by Heather Abbott, documents the efforts of Ukrainian museum workers braving dangerous conditions to protect priceless artifacts and structures from devastation.


The Air We Breathe

Dr. Jon LaPook highlights how the pandemic has transformed approaches to indoor air quality. With a focus on innovative air and ventilation systems, this report, produced by Andrew Wolff, is particularly timely as new COVID-19 variants emerge and the flu season approaches.


The Mismatch

The final segment, produced by David M. Levine and reported by Jon Wertheim, examines the explosion of sports betting. Fueled by technology, this feature explores the impacts on sports fans, betting industries, and the predominantly young male gamblers who participate in this growing phenomenon.



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