60 Minutes Reports on “Targeting Americans”, “Kevin Hart”, “3D Printing” & “Your Chatbot Will See You Now” on July 7 2024

This Sunday, “60 Minutes” will captivate viewers with a two-hour special extended edition, featuring four intriguing segments. Here’s what to expect:

Targeting Americans

In a gripping double-length segment, correspondent Scott Pelley delves into the mysterious attacks on American government officials, known as Havana syndrome. This installment, part of a five-year investigation, reveals new evidence potentially linking a U.S. adversary to these incidents. The segment includes an exclusive interview with an FBI official who claims to have been targeted within the U.S. Producers Michael Rey and Oriana Zill de Granados bring forth this groundbreaking report.

Kevin Hart

Anderson Cooper profiles Kevin Hart, exploring his evolution from the highest-grossing comedian to an entertainment and business mogul. This segment offers a behind-the-scenes look at Hart’s comedy tour in Pasadena and an in-depth discussion at his Los Angeles headquarters about his expanding empire. Producer Nichole Marks captures Hart’s charisma and business acumen.

3D Printing

Lesley Stahl investigates the revolution in home construction through 3D printing. This double-length segment takes viewers inside the first housing development of its kind in Texas, featuring 3D-printed homes, and extends to NASA’s ambitious plans to use this technology on the Moon. Producers Shari Finkelstein and Collette Richards provide an exclusive glimpse into the future of construction and space exploration.

Your Chatbot Will See You Now

With an ongoing shortage of therapists, Jonathan LaPook examines how artificial intelligence is stepping in to meet the growing demand for mental health services. This segment discusses the benefits and challenges of AI chatbots in therapy, featuring insights from healthcare professionals and AI experts. Producer Andrew Wolff explores the intersection of technology and mental health care.

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