60 Minutes Reports on “The Capital of Free Russia”, “Our Mistake Is Your Responsibility”, “Law of the Sea”, “Crisis in the Red Sea” & “The Looting of Cambodia” on June 23 2024

This Sunday, June 23, 2024, “60 Minutes” offers viewers a compelling two-hour special from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET/PT on CBS, showcasing a mix of politically charged exposés and revealing cultural investigations, updated from their original broadcasts for a post-season run.

The Capital of Free Russia

Vladimir Putin’s long reign over Russia has forced many opponents into exile. Scott Pelley takes viewers to Vilnius, Lithuania, known as the refuge for Russian dissidents, revealing the personal costs of political defiance. Producer: Henry Schuster.

Our Mistake Is Your Responsibility

A troubling look at the Social Security Administration’s overpayment claims process reveals how errors by the agency can impose severe financial burdens on the elderly and disabled in America. Anderson Cooper delves into the stories of those unjustly indebted. Producer: Andy Court.

Law of the Sea

The race to mine crucial minerals from the seabed in the Eastern Pacific highlights a global competition, with China leading and the U.S. sidelined due to political stalemates. Bill Whitaker explores the geopolitical and environmental implications of deep-sea mining. Producer: Heather Abbott.

Crisis in the Red Sea

In a volatile Middle Eastern backdrop, Norah O’Donnell reports on the rising tensions in the southern Red Sea, where Houthi militia attacks disrupt international waters. Insights from U.S. Navy commanders reveal a new era of maritime warfare. Producers: Keith Sharman, Roxanne Feitel.

The Looting of Cambodia

In a double-length segment, Anderson Cooper investigates the massive theft of sacred artifacts from Cambodia, orchestrated by British dealer Douglas Latchford. Amidst genocide and civil war, this segment uncovers a dark chapter of cultural devastation and the quest for restitution. Producers: Michael H. Gavshon, Nadim Roberts.

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