60 Minutes Reports on “Agency in Crisis”, “Interpol” & “Modern Ark” on January 28 2024

This Sunday January 28, 2024, “60 Minutes” is set to deliver another captivating episode, airing at 7:00 PM ET/PT on CBS, following the AFC Championship Football Game. The upcoming episode will feature three diverse and compelling segments.

Agency in Crisis

The first segment, “Agency in Crisis,” sees correspondent Cecilia Vega delve into the turbulent world of the United States federal prison system. The focus is on a women’s prison in Aliceville, Alabama. Vega brings to light the concerns of inmates, giving viewers a rare glimpse into their experiences. The segment also features an interview with Colette S. Peters, the director responsible for reforming the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as she confronts a staffing crisis, aging infrastructure, and a history of abuse within the system. This segment is produced by Natalie Jimenez Peel.



In the second segment, “Interpol,” correspondent Bill Whitaker takes viewers to the headquarters of Interpol in Lyon, France. The segment explores the dual nature of the international law enforcement agency, highlighting both its successes in combating global crime and its challenges, such as the misuse of its resources by authoritarian countries like Russia, China, and Turkey. These countries have been known to use Interpol’s red notices to target dissidents and others unjustly. This investigative piece is produced by Graham Messick and Jack Weingart.


Modern Ark

The final segment, “Modern Ark,” promises to be an uplifting story amidst the more serious topics of the night. Correspondent Jon Wertheim introduces viewers to Pat Craig, a modern-day Noah, who has dedicated his life to rescuing animals from dire situations. The segment features lions from Ukraine, bears from a Korean medical facility, and big cats from the “Tiger King” series in Oklahoma, all finding refuge in Craig’s expansive Colorado sanctuary. The segment, produced by David M. Levine, also covers Craig’s daring mission to a zoo in Puerto Rico, showcasing his commitment to animal welfare.


This episode of “60 Minutes” promises to offer a mix of in-depth reporting and inspiring stories, making it a must-watch for viewers interested in current affairs and global issues.

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