60 Minutes Reports on “Pope Francis”, “Cuban Spycraft” & “The Album” on May 19 2024

This Sunday, “60 Minutes” will present two riveting segments that promise to engage viewers with their in-depth reporting and complex subject matter. The episode is set to air from 7:00 to 8:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

Pope Francis

In a rare and historic segment, Norah O’Donnell interviews Pope Francis at the Santa Marta guest house in Vatican City. This conversation comes just before the Catholic Church introduces its World Children’s Day. Pope Francis, known for his focus on the marginalized and his progressive stance within the Church, discusses several pressing topics with O’Donnell. These include ongoing conflicts in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine, as well as the migration crises impacting the global community and specifically the U.S. southern border. The interview also explores the Church’s response to its sexual abuse scandals, the push for inclusiveness, and resistance to his leadership from certain U.S. Catholic factions. Additionally, the dialogue includes Pope Francis’s views on surrogate parenthood.

Cuban Spycraft

Cecilia Vega sheds light on the enduring issue of Cuban espionage within the U.S. government. The report focuses on the careers of Victor Manuel Rocha and Ana Montes, two individuals who held significant positions while secretly conveying American secrets to Cuba. Vega’s segment from Washington, D.C., and Miami reveals how Cuban espionage continues to pose a critical threat to national security.

The Album

A disturbing discovery at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum leads Anderson Cooper to explore the personal scrapbook of a high-ranking Nazi officer responsible for the operations at Auschwitz. This scrapbook, filled with photos of Nazis at social events, offers a chilling glimpse into the private lives of those involved in the Holocaust. The story gains another dimension as Cooper discusses why Moises Kaufman transformed this haunting material into the Off-Broadway play “Here There Are Blueberries.”

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