60 Minutes Reports on “Operation Lone Star” & “The Isle of Man” on May 26 2024

This Sunday, “60 Minutes” presents two intriguing segments from distinctly different locales, each exploring contentious and historic subjects. Tune in to CBS from 7:00 to 8:00 PM ET/PT to catch these compelling stories.

Operation Lone Star

From Eagle Pass, Texas, Cecilia Vega provides an in-depth look at a significant political and social issue. Vega interviews Texas Governor Greg Abbott about Operation Lone Star, a border enforcement strategy that has stirred considerable controversy and conflict with the federal government. The piece offers viewers a chance to understand the motivations, challenges, and impacts associated with this policy. Andy Court produced this segment.

The Isle of Man

Bill Whitaker takes viewers to the Isle of Man, a place steeped in history and adventure. The island, once a Viking kingdom, hosts the Isle of Man TT, renowned as the most perilous motorcycle race in the world. Whitaker’s report goes beyond the high-speed event to explore the unique Manx culture and identity that has sustained this tradition for over a century. Rome Hartman produced this extended segment, providing ample time to capture the essence of the race and its cultural backdrop.


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