60 Minutes Reports on “A Week in Israel”, “A Web of Intrigue” on May 12 2024

This Sunday, “60 Minutes” will present two riveting segments that promise to engage viewers with their in-depth reporting and complex subject matter. The episode is set to air from 7:00 to 8:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

A Week in Israel

In the first segment, titled “A Week in Israel,” correspondent Lesley Stahl reports from Israel, providing an update on the nation’s security situation, which has become significantly tense since the October 7, 2023, terror attacks. The report focuses on three critical regions: Gaza in the south, Hezbollah in the north, and Iran in the east. These areas have been central to the heightened security threats facing Israel and have broader international implications. Producers Shachar Bar-On and Jinsol Jung bring their expertise to this detailed exploration of the challenges Israel faces in maintaining stability and security.

A Web of Intrigue

The second segment, “A Web of Intrigue,” is a double-length feature that delves into the story of Christopher Ahn, a former U.S. Marine embroiled in a controversial extradition case with Spain. Ahn is accused of breaking into the North Korean embassy in Madrid in 2019 with the stated objective of helping North Korean embassy workers defect. Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi interviews Ahn, who discusses the mission’s details and the subsequent legal challenges he has encountered both in the United States and internationally. The segment also highlights the dangers Ahn faces, with the FBI warning of threats to his life. This segment is produced by Draggan Mihailovich and Jacqueline Williams, who bring depth to the intricate web of legal and diplomatic tensions surrounding Ahn’s case.

Sunday’s “60 Minutes” episode promises thorough reporting on these pressing issues, offering viewers a closer look at international security and legal battles with far-reaching consequences.

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