60 Minutes Reports on “Leader Jeffries”, “Work to Own”, “St. Mary’s” on May 5 2024

This Sunday, May 5 2024, from 7:00-8:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network, “60 Minutes” presents three compelling segments that delve into distinct yet impactful stories shaping the current social and technological landscape.

Leader Jeffries

In “Leader Jeffries,” Norah O’Donnell profiles Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, who stands on the cusp of potentially becoming the first Black Speaker of the House. O’Donnell explores Jeffries’ journey from Brooklyn to Capitol Hill, focusing on his party’s choice to back Speaker Mike Johnson, his views on Israel-Hamas tensions, the migrant crisis, and the role of reproductive rights in shaping upcoming elections. Keith Sharman serves as the producer.


Work to Own

“Work to Own” sees correspondent Jon Wertheim delve into the world of private equity with a twist. In rural Illinois, he highlights Pete Stavros of KKR, a leader who champions the concept of employee ownership, aiming to bridge the widening wealth gap by extending C-suite-level incentives to the average worker. David M. Levine produces this insightful look at how this model is affecting both employees and businesses.


St. Mary’s

Lastly, “St. Mary’s” takes viewers to New Orleans, where correspondent Bill Whitaker introduces two high school students who solved a mathematical problem that had stumped scholars for over two millennia. Whitaker speaks to the students, their families, and the educators at St. Mary’s Academy, a school that has championed the academic success of African American girls since the Civil War. Sara Kuzmarov produces this inspiring story.


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