60 Minutes March 10 2024 2 Hour Special: “Rise”, “Jeff Koons”, “An Island Off An Island”, “Caligula’s Gardens” & “Return to Gorongosa”

On March 10, 2024, CBS Television Network will air a special edition of “60 Minutes” from 7:00 to 8:00 PM ET/PT, followed by “60 Minutes Presents: Take Me Away” from 8:00 to 9:00 PM ET/PT. This evening of television promises viewers a deeply engaging blend of human interest stories, art, history, and environmental restoration, told with the program’s hallmark in-depth reporting.


The first segment, titled “Rise,” follows correspondent Scott Pelley as he accompanies Ukrainian families touched by the ongoing conflict with Russia on a mountain climbing expedition in the Austrian Alps. These families, comprising widows and children of war victims, embark on a journey of recovery and resilience, supported by a charity led by an American Marine veteran of three combat tours in Iraq. The piece delves into themes of hope, community, and teamwork, portraying the 1,300-mile journey from a city scarred by bombings to the serenity of the Alps as a metaphor for their path to healing.

Jeff Koons

Following “Rise,” viewers will get an intimate look into the world of Jeff Koons through the eyes of Anderson Cooper. Koons, a figure of both acclaim and controversy in the art world, shares insights into his creative process, including a glimpse of his latest projects and an ambitious vision for a permanent art exhibit on the moon. The segment promises a fascinating exploration of Koons’ enduring impact on contemporary art, highlighting his innovative use of technology and challenging of aesthetic boundaries.

An Island Off An Island

“60 Minutes Presents: Take Me Away” begins with “An Island Off An Island,” where Jon Wertheim travels to Fogo Island, a community off Newfoundland, Canada. The story highlights the transformative vision of an eighth-generation local who returned with the intention of revitalizing the island’s economy and spirit after the collapse of its cod fishing industry. This segment underscores the power of heritage and innovation in community revival.

Caligula’s Gardens

Next, “Caligula’s Gardens” offers viewers a rare glimpse into the recent excavation of the Roman emperor Caligula’s gardens. With Anderson Cooper reporting from Rome, this segment examines the archaeological discoveries that challenge longstanding perceptions of Caligula’s reign, providing fresh perspectives on historical narratives.

Return to Gorongosa

The evening concludes with “Return to Gorongosa,” in which Scott Pelley revisits Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Once devastated by prolonged conflict, the park has seen a remarkable recovery, spearheaded by conservation efforts led by Greg Carr, a former tech entrepreneur. This story celebrates the intersection of human ambition and nature’s resilience, showcasing the park’s return to its former glory as a biodiversity hotspot.

This special edition of “60 Minutes” and “60 Minutes Presents: Take Me Away” offers a compelling lineup of stories that span the spectrum of human emotion and experience, from personal journeys of healing and the complexities of artistic creation to the restoration of natural and historical treasures.

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