60 Minutes Reports on “Commercial Real Estate” & “Master of the Mind” on January 14 2024

This Sunday, January 14 2024, on CBS’s “60 Minutes” from 7:00-8:00 PM ET/PT, viewers will be treated to two compelling segments that delve into major shifts in the commercial real estate landscape and groundbreaking advancements in brain surgery.

Commercial Real Estate

The first segment, “Commercial Real Estate,” hosted by Jon Wertheim, explores the deepening crisis in this sector, with a specific focus on New York City’s office market. The shift to hybrid work has brought about a seismic change, pushing occupancy rates to unprecedented lows and triggering a significant drop in the value of office buildings. With over a trillion dollars in commercial real estate loans nearing expiration in the next two years, this issue is gaining national attention. Wertheim engages with key industry figures to uncover strategies they are employing to navigate these turbulent times. This investigative piece is produced by Nathalie Sommer.

Master of the Mind

In the second, double-length segment, “Master of the Mind,” Sharyn Alfonsi sheds light on a revolutionary approach to treating brain disorders. This segment follows the work of neuroscience pioneer Dr. Ali Rezai at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute in Morgantown, W.Va. Over a year, Alfonsi documents Dr. Rezai’s experimental procedures that hold promise for treating Alzheimer’s disease and drug addiction without any surgical incisions. The clinical trials conducted by Dr. Rezai are not just transforming the lives of patients but also potentially paving the way for new treatments for various brain disorders. This groundbreaking story is brought to the screen by producer Guy Campanile.

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