60 Minutes Reports on “The Hostage Story”, “The Looting of Cambodia” & “Gnawa” on December 17 2023

CBS’s “60 Minutes” will extend its standard runtime to 90 minutes on Sunday, December 17, 2023. This special edition, scheduled from 7:30 to 9:00 PM ET/7:00 to 8:30 PM PT, follows the day’s football game and promises to captivate viewers with three compelling segments.

The Hostage Story

The first segment, titled “The Hostage Story,” sees correspondent Lesley Stahl revisit the tumultuous Israel-Hamas war. This piece features an exclusive interview with an Israeli woman recently freed from over 50 days of captivity by Hamas in Gaza. Stahl delves into the harrowing details of her ordeal and explores the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attacks on her family’s kibbutz home, offering viewers a deeply personal perspective on the conflict. Shachar Bar-On produces this segment.

The Looting of Cambodia

Next, “The Looting of Cambodia” presents a year-long investigation into a massive art theft. Correspondent Anderson Cooper uncovers the story behind thousands of stolen sacred artifacts from Cambodia’s religious sites. The report focuses on British dealer Douglas Latchford, who orchestrated this heist amid genocide and civil war, selling these treasures to elite collectors and museums worldwide. As Cambodia’s government strives to reclaim its lost history and heritage, this double-length segment, produced by Michael H. Gavshon and Nadim Roberts, promises to shed light on a significant cultural crime.



The final segment, “Gnawa,” explores the cultural and musical legacy of Gnawa music. Correspondent Bill Whitaker takes viewers to Essaouira, Morocco, the epicenter of Gnawa music, which traces its roots to secret ceremonies of enslaved Black Africans in the Middle Ages and influenced the development of American blues. This double-length segment, produced by Heather Abbott, showcases the fusion of Gnawa with Western music, highlighting its growing popularity and global influence.

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