60 Minutes “Take Me Away” Reports on “An Island Off an Island”, “Caligula’s Gardens” & “Return to Gorongosa” on June 2 2024

This week on “60 Minutes,” viewers will embark on a journey from the rugged coasts of Canada to the ancient heart of Rome, and then to the wild savannahs of Africa.

An Island Off An Island

Reporter Jon Wertheim takes us to Fogo Island, a 90-square-mile island located off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Once thriving through cod fishing, Fogo Island saw its population and economy plummet with the industry’s decline. The story will focus on an eighth-generation islander who has returned with substantial resources and a plan to revive their homeland. Nathalie Sommer and Kaylee Tully bring this compelling tale of community resilience and revival to life.


Caligula’s Gardens

In Rome, Anderson Cooper explores the recently unearthed gardens of the infamous Roman emperor Caligula. This segment delves into the archaeological finds that offer new insights into Caligula’s reign, challenging the historical narrative of his alleged cruelty and depravity. The discoveries come at a time when modern scholars are reevaluating his legacy. Producer Andy Court guides us through these revelations from the past.


Return to Gorongosa

Scott Pelley’s report takes us to Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, once known as a premier African wildlife sanctuary before it was ravaged by decades of conflict. With the aid of Greg Carr, a former tech entrepreneur from Idaho, Gorongosa is experiencing a dramatic recovery. The story highlights both the natural rejuvenation of the park and the renewed hope of its community. Henry Schuster and Sarah Turcotte produced this inspiring segment on nature’s resilience and human contribution to conservation.


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